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Exemplary contract
My vision of business/partnership/hiring/interviews

The website contains resources and information to educate software entrepreneurs and to find partners to work on new projects. I am Sergey A., owner of, one-man-company, built 2 successful software products - StarTrinity SIP Tester and StarTrinity Softswitch. List of my customers is here I am going to hire developers for remote work or have a 50/50 partnership to build new software products and services. I am also willing to share my experience and make educational teamviewer sessions. Skype is asv128.

Exemplary contract between Partner and StarTrinity (50/50 partnership in startup)

  • Future profit from sales of the new product is shared: 50% to the Partner, 50% to StartTrinity
  • Full source code of the new product is available for both 2 parties
  • StarTrinity helps the Partner to develop code, business strategy, create plan for the development
  • StarTrinity is responsible for hosting, finance, business strategy of the new product
  • The new product is developed under StarTrinity brand name
  • Partner has right to leave the project at any time, with precaution
  • Partner has right to continue the product under his own brand name after leaving
  • StarTrinity has right to discontinue project with the Partner at any time
  • StarTrinity has right to make video screen recordings of online meetings and use the recordings for various purposes
  • Partner has right to use the project in his portfolio to get employed in any company
  • The contract can be modified at any time upon agreement of both sides
  • Profit is calculated as sales minus expenses
  • Expenses do not include cost of living of the parties
  • Partner is responsible for developing and maintaining source code

Startup projects to be developed

(the projects are already being developed by myself, but I don't have much time to work on them and I am willing to give 50% of future profit to successful candidate for the partnership):
  • StarTrinity Continuous Speed Tester - google "continuous speed test"
  • StarTrinity Call Center IVR monitoring system - SaaS - as an extension to my SIP Tester product, SaaS with minimal ASP.NET MVC front-end. Back-end logic is already implemented in SIP Tester, an easy web UI is needed. The service is same as website uptime monitoring tool, but for call centers and IVR systems (dialer which makes calls and sends alert when call center is down)
  • StarTrinity Video Screen Recorder
  • StarTrinity Employee monitoring system - web, desktop, mobile modules
  • StarTrinity Employee Monitoing System (desktop background app, web UI, mobile app with GPS tracking)
  • VoIP routes tester + Call recorder (Xamarin, mobile app)
  • - SaaS (same market as for
  • WebRTC-based video webinars service, SaaS - ASP.NET MVC EF CodeFirst
  • StarTrinity VoIP readiness test system + derived product(s)
  • Internect connection monitor + derived product(s)
  • (project is already started in partnership) StarTrinity CRM system - SaaS product, designed to optimize interaction with my SIP Tester and Softswitch customers. the project goes far beyond regular CRM systems (e.g. it includes automatic bug tracking subsystem)

My vision of business/partnership/hiring/interviews

I would like to share my experience of 1-man-company software product development, and develop more successful products with successful candidate. I don't want to hire software developers in regular way for the following reasons:
  • I don't want the developer to go away from me when he succeeds with his own startup
  • I don't want to pay $/hour to unknown people with unknown skills (most people here don't have enough skills)
  • I want the developer (and me in partnership) to be responsible for 100% of the code
  • I am against the way how many software companies work today:
    • Developer works on the code during 2 years - better quality (and much more money) is gained when the developer owns his code and when he works on the product for 5+ years
    • Developers are not aware of business side of the software product. The developers do not make key decisions. - I want to discuss the business development with the developer and use his knowledge. It is much easier to make business and development decisions when you know 100% of your source code
    • Reason for developers to work in office, not at home - to commumicate with colleagues, drink with colleagues, not to spend time/talk with wife and children - I don't want to deal with such developers. I have great relationship with my wife and I don't want to drink with colleagues
    • Quality and efficiency of technical support and development suffers when developers works on code which is written by other developer
Initial interview is teamviewer session with overview of the selected project (or watching vide recording with overview), micro-task, discussion of development and marketing plan.


What is your work schedule?
I am in Moscow time zone, work from 10AM to 10PM (approxuimately), with interruptions and vacations. (no fixed schedule) About 30-40 hours per week, 3-6 vacations per year. During the vacations I am also available, but have less time.
How much money would I earn
I expect at least 10K USD / month sales for a successful project. Otherwise I am not interested in having 50/50 partnership. Open questions how soon can we get the first sale? What is the best marketing strategy?

Continuous Speed Tester Development screen recordings

180224 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | download script

Whenever you think that you understand what I am doing from the recordings, and if you want to participate in the development, please contact me.


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